Video Documentation, 2018
PTPBTA Installation View - 2018,
PTPBRA - Screen, 2018
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Putting The Pieces Back Together Again, Kirchheim unter Teck, 2018

Time Lapse, 2018

Putting The Pieces Back Together Again


“One of the most highly developed skills in contemporary Western civilization is dissection: the split-up of problems into their smallest possible components. We are good at it. So good, we often forget to put the pieces back together again.” (Alvin Toffler in the Forword of Order out Chaos by Ilya Prigogine and Isabelle Stengers)

“Putting the Pieces Back Together Again” is an artistic inquiry and meditation about complex systems, self-organization and scientific methodology.

The Installation consists of 1250 stepper motors arranged in a two dimensional grid of two by two meters. Each motor is equipped with a pointer made from white acrylic glass. The radii of the pointers are chosen to intersect with the pointers of it’s neighbours. Each motors is driven with the same alternating current, that let them move initially in a random direction. In the event of a collision the pointers revese their turning direction. Through the interplay of many entities a complex behaviour emerges on the surface of the machine. By manipulating the driver frequency during runtime the behaviour of the whole system will change to create some kind of settlement (pattern’s are forming spontaneously on the surface of the system) by negotiating it’s position with its nearby actors. By this the system is showing behaviour of self-organization.

The installation drifts through various activation levels during it’s runtime by this it constantly evolves new formations and constellations (crystallization). After the crystallization process has setteled, the system is reactivated by feeding the system with high energy pulses (mixing). After all actors are moving again a new crystallization process is initiated. The installation constantly loops through these two processes: mixing and crystallization.

Materials: black aluminium profiles, 1250 stepper motors, custom circuit boards (40x40cm), custom motor drivers, acrylic glass, power supplies, ethernet hub, raspberry pi, cables
Produced with support of the City of Kirchheim unter Teck, Verlag des Teckboten and Kulturregion Stuttgart.
Production Assistans: Mariana Schetini Basso and Irena Kukric
Special Thanks to Katharina Sophia Hardt (Stadt Kirchheim unter Teck / Kultur Abteilung)

2018 Putting the Pieces Back Together Again
Drehmoment / KulturRegion Stuttgart, Kircheim unter Teck / Stuttgart DE