the conversation

pataphysical processing environment, 2009

Produced with support of Laboral Gijón

The Conversation is an autonomous apparatus that consists of 99 solenoids mounted in a circle. Together they carry three rubber bands (attractors) in their center. Each magnet works autonomously and tries to adapt to the forces in the network. Depending on the tension, measured by analyzing the changes of the electromagnetic induction in the electromagnet, they change their pulling force in order to conserve its position.
Similar to a homeostat it tries to generate a hyper stable equilibrium. The rubber band acts as mediator between the single autonomous entities. Environmental noise and friction picked up by electronic and mechanical elements prevents the machine from achieving its task.
Constellations appear and stay until disturbances make them decay. The whole installation is immersed in a polyphonic buzz generated by the constant shifting forces of the solenoid array.

Break the pattern which connects the items of learning and you necessarily destroy all quality. // Gregory Bateson, Mind and Nature

Video Solenoids and RubberbandsInstallation view, Laboral 2009sketchSolenoidsCablesInstallation viewNetwork
Solenoids and Rubberbands
Installation view, Laboral 2009
Installation view